Couple searching for Camping Neumuhle

We are looking for a couple of months of May, June, July and August. The activities are mainly sanitary tracking. this gets you a seasonal pitch and an appropriate reward in euros. (et al in consultation)

Or against payment of a year / season instead perform chores. We think of painting, mowing etc. Ea in consultation.

Want to know more contact Gerjo Coset she will tell you everything about the work. Call 00352 879391 or send an e-mail via our Contact Form

We are also looking for students for the catering industry and cleaning. In the months of July and August. For the May holidays, ascension, pinning, we are looking for students in the hospitality industry and eventual cleaning.

  • Schiessentumpel-Müllerthal
  • Omgeving-camping
  • Mountainbiken